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K-64 Community Workforce Portal Survey


Catawba County’s K-64 initiative is focused on unleashing the potential of our local workforce as an engine of economic development and as a means of providing limitless opportunity for workers young and old.  K-64 seeks to do so by promoting character and soft skills development among our K-12 students while also providing these future members of our workforce with access to technology that can facilitate career exploration and other forms of work-based learning.  In addition, K-64 is committed to “upskilling” existing members of the workforce by increasing awareness of local employer talent needs and accelerating connections with local skills development resources. 

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This survey constitutes an important step along the path of realizing a Community Workforce Portal for Catawba County.  The sole goal of the survey is to capture a wide range of perspectives regarding the types of technology-enabled connections that promise to deliver the greatest value to present and future workers and to the employers who require highly skilled talent to fuel their growth.  K-64 intends to use feedback from this survey to help us prioritize the various opportunities to leverage technology to accelerate and widen the pathways connecting talent supply and demand in Catawba County.

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